Key Platform Principles

The supporter-centric approach to Tribute Giving

With nearly twenty years of experience, the MuchLoved platform has been developed as an integrated, supporter-centric approach to Tribute Giving.

MuchLoved has led the development of Tribute Funds across the charitable sector, developing an approach which puts the fund holder at the centre of the platform. The result is an empowered supporter with a clear and sustained motivation and the opportunity for your charity to create and develop a close supporter relationship for the long term.

The strength of a tribute fund scheme is that you are offering something special back to supporters as part of the fundraising proposition, creating higher levels of supporter engagement and loyalty over the long term. The design principles ensure that you can deliver on this promise to your supporters. Treated personally, responding to their needs and respecting their choices, in-memory supporters will support you back in many valuable ways, from funeral donations through to legacy gifts.

The key design principles that underpin our supporter-centric approach are as follows:


Pass control of the fund across to the Fund Holder

This element of control, choice and flexibility to enable true personalisation is essential to creating a sense of personal ownership and investment by the Fund Holder.


Offer the right balance and blend of memories, sentiment & fundraising

As well as fully recognising and celebrating the underlying motivation for giving, there must be proper recognition of the individual and a way of offering meaningful support.


Incorporate best tribute functionality to help remember the individual

Offering a full suite of beautifully designed tribute functionality offers Fund Holders real choice and flexibility within their tribute to remember their loved one in a wonderful way.


Respond to the varied reasons and times that supporters want to create funds

There are many points in time that may be the right moment and/or reason for a supporter to create their fund and the scheme must be able to promote and tailor its message appropriately.


Facilitate a 1-to-1 relationship between Fund Holder and Charity Administrator

The key to success is to establish and develop a direct relationship between the Fund Holder and the Scheme Administrator at the charity, which helps benefit both parties.


Enable the Charity to efficiently manage Tributes in order to meet their supporters’ expectations

The platform must support Fund Holder engagement by meeting their expectations, which will vary greatly on an individual fund level within the scheme.


Provide a structure that promotes a strong sense of scheme identity

Creating a scheme identity facilitates higher levels of awareness among staff and supporters and increases the sense of tangibility, value and appeal of the scheme.


Empower the Fund Holder to determine all types and amount of fundraising activity

Empower the Fund Holder and their community to personalise and choose how they fundraise by acting as a facilitator, including all manner of DIY tribute events and activities.


Act as a hub to integrate with all fundraising methods that donors use in-memory

Integrate with social networks and external fundraising platforms to promote and share all fundraising activities happening on each fund in one central place.


Allow funds to evolve and continue long-term or for as long as the Fund Holder chooses

Benefit from the unique opportunity to develop long term supporter relationships by taking a long term time-frame of your In-Memory supporter journey.

Want to know more?

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