2000-2005: Creating the service

"We knew that to create a service that had a really positive impact, the site had to totally focus on the needs of the bereaved person setting up the site, the Tribute Guardian. And we knew the site would have to accommodate and express a range of emotions from grief and anger through to commemoration and pride. We knew that MuchLoved would be about people, those being remembered as well as those remembering, and it became clear in our minds that MuchLoved needed to be a charitable organisation."
"Next we set to work developing the site architecture; laying down exactly how it would function and how we'd deliver the service; issues like security, privacy and collaboration."

"The task seemed to expand the more we worked on it and we sought out like-minded partners with expertise in design and web-programming who worked tirelessly with us to develop the service." 

"After many long nights, late coffees and deep breaths MuchLoved was finally launched, a day I shall never forget."

Founding Partner Andy Daniels
The original MuchLoved Charity website in 2006. The original designs may look a little dated now but they really were cutting-edge at the time!
2008: Pioneering Charity Tribute Funds >

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